Can the name of a drug affect consumer perception? FDA wants to know!

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or Agency) is announcing an opportunity for public comment on the proposed collection of certain information by the Agency. Under the Paperwork [...]

The Caduceus of Hermes versus The Staff of Asclepius

The casual observer would probably not even notice that these are two distinct symbols. The Caduceus, the two-serpent staff associated with Hermes, the Greek mythological character, is often [...]

All You Need to Know About FDA Medical Device Classifications

  Learn about FDA Medical Device Classifications in 30 seconds! Ready? Set? Go! Class I Example: dental floss Class I devices are deemed to be low risk (they present minimal potential for [...]

If lawyers ruled the world™, it® would™ look™ LIKE® this©

  Here is a brief story about trademarking® and how it applies to healthcare marketing™. If the lawyers had their say, every® single™ word™ WOULD BE® littered with little markssmall over our [...]

Proofreader’s marks

Let us take a moment and appreciate the fine art of proofreading the written word. While writing a missive with your two thumbs on a 3″ x 5″ glass screen does not really demand [...]


We want visitors to come to your website to learn more about your office, the office team, the involvement the local office has with the community and, additionally, promote the importance of [...]

2017 was the year digital exceeded TV ad spending

Not surprising that this happened, but it took quit a bit longer than anticipated.     Source      

How do generic versions of drugs get their names?

OK, so we know how branded pharmaceuticals are named. You hire a stuffy agency to embark on a exhaustive research program and develop synthetic linguistic constructs from morphemes so that it [...]

Create years of photo and video in just a few sessions


Improve Google SEO by increasing page loading

Google now includes page loading speed in their PageRank algorithm. It can be beneficial to analyze and take measures to improve the time required to load your page. Here are some tips: [...]

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