25th Anniversary Flashback: Marvel Licensed Product Design

Client: Giftco Strategy: Develop branded gift items for fundraising sales program based on Marvel brand guidelines Deliverables: Clock, bobble head, gift tin Results: Launched successful campaign [...]

25th Anniversary Flashback! GRAINGER

Client: W.W. Grainger Strategy: Build awareness and convey expertise in specific product categories through direct response, in-branch and field representative support Deliverables: Direct mail, [...]

How Healthcare Marketers Are Reaching Millennials

Healthcare marketers are finding new ways to reach the 83.7 million millennials in the U.S. They are taking advantage of the fact that millennials use multiple channels to get their news. Only a [...]

All You Need to Know About FDA Medical Device Classifications

  Learn about FDA Medical Device Classifications in 30 seconds! Ready? Set? Go! Class I Example: dental floss Class I devices are deemed to be low risk (they present minimal potential for [...]