Proofreader’s marks

Let us take a moment and appreciate the fine art of proofreading the written word. While writing a missive with your two thumbs on a 3″ x 5″ glass screen does not really demand [...]

HCPCS and ICD and CPT … Oh My!

Let’s get the acronyms out of the way first: ICD: International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems CPT: Current Procedural Terminology HCPCS: Healthcare Common [...]

In Defense of Da Chi-KAH-go Accent

Did you hear the joke about the tourist who stopped a Chicagoan on the street and said, “I just love your accent.” (For some of you Chicagoans, the punchline isn’t so punchy, as it is painfully [...]

Document Review and Approval Software

In the field of healthcare communications, i-crossing and t-dotting [sic] are taken very seriously. Depending on the organization, a creative piece can go through many departments before final [...]