How Healthcare Marketers Are Reaching Millennials

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Healthcare marketers are finding new ways to reach the 83.7 million millennials in the U.S. They are taking advantage of the fact that millennials use multiple channels to get their news.

Only a small part of this group has access to a primary-care practitioner. This is why they seek medical information via insurance companies, websites, social media, and others.


Millennials are looking for messages that inspire, connect and are convenient for them. What’s interesting is that only 41% of millennials depend on their doctors for health advice and 30% rely on blogs and online articles.

Messages that promote their values, are entertaining, and encourage communication have a higher chance of being effective and should be part of the company’s health care marketing strategy.

A good example of a recent health care marketing campaign is Plan B’s One Step contraceptive pill on Instagram. Their hashtag #perfectlyimperfect and their university campus tour have been successful at engaging with millennials. The messages used are simple and relatable to their audience. To learn more Click here!

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