Innovation Is in Healthcare

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“Your medical internet of things???.

A Device for Everything and Everyone.

Pharma companies are trying to stay ahead of the game by creating new tech apps. Some that are already causing sensation include platform, Kids MD app, Alexa, Mabu, and Jibo. Next up, we have Medical Tricorders and Connected Home Medical Kits. These gadgets help you self-diagnose all from the comfort of your own home. Then we have the Healthcare Chatbot, which is basically a “trainer???. It advises on how to diet and alerts you when it is time to take your medication. Augmented reality (AR) is used by Google Glass and will aid physicians by taking notes and help autistic kids understand emotional cues. When it comes to data, Google Fit and Apple HealthKit are exchanging health data with different healthcare systems, making it easier to share information with your doctor and to receive medical advice on your phone.

Not all of these technologies are out in the market yet. Some are still being studied and/or approved by the FDA. These are some great examples of how innovation is and will always be an imperative aspect of the healthcare industry.

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