Buster Creative Named Finalist for MM&M Award

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Buster Creative Named Finalist for MM&M Award

Buster Creative, a healthcare marketing and creative agency on Chicago’s North Shore, was named a Finalist for an MM&M Award in the Best Professional Sales Tool category for its CeraPlus: Great Barrier Relief direct mailer, submitted on behalf of Hollister Incorporated, Ostomy Care.

“We are pleased to be recognized for our strategic insight and creativity. It is always gratifying when the industry recognizes your talent,??? noted Alice Hlavin, the firm’s Creative Director.???

The MM&M (Medical Marketing & Media) Awards honor the best in healthcare marketing, communications, and media, as well as the people and agencies behind the work. Categories range from industry-leading, multichannel campaigns and the Best Branded Websites for Healthcare Professionals to the Industry Marketer of the Year. The finalists survived a gantlet of two rounds of judging performed by about 125 healthcare marketers from both the client and agency sides. The first group of judges worked online to narrow the entries to the best 10 in each of the 31 categories. In June, a separate group of judges attended a daylong, live judging event in Manhattan to select the finalists.

Hollister CeraPlus Direct Mailer 

We created the headline, Great Barrier Relief, because we wanted nurses to understand that this barrier  was clinically proven to bring relief to patients suffering from skin irritation under their barrier. 

The direct mail piece could also be demonstrated to a nurse by a salesperson to reinforce the connection between moisture and skin health. This was a particularly challenging piece to create since we wanted it to be reusable so that nurses could demonstrate the effect to their colleagues. We identified a Japanese manufacturer of a screen-printable, hydrochromic ink that would turn transparent when wet with water, then become opaque when dry. We then conducted an extensive set of experiments on different paper stocks and with different screen-printing parameters to develop a coating that was almost totally opaque, yet became transparent enough to allow the messaging to come through when moistened with water.

Hollister CeraPlus Direct Mailer 
Water Mailer printed with hydro-chromic ink that reveals message under running water

About Hollister Incorporated

Hollister Incorporated is an independent, employee-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products and services worldwide. The company manufactures products for ostomy care, continence care, critical care, and wound care, and also develops educational support materials for patients and healthcare professionals. Hollister Incorporated has been serving healthcare professionals and consumers for ninety-five years, and is committed to making life more rewarding and dignified for people who use the company’s products and services. To learn more, visit Hollister.com.

About Buster Creative, Inc.

Buster Creative, Inc, is a full-service, healthcare marketing and creative agency specializing in pharmaceutical, medical devices, laboratory diagnostics, and healthcare IT marketing. Founded in 1993 by Alice Hlavin, Buster Creative develops and creates programs for sales and training support, brand and awareness building, and new product launches.

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