Health Devices at CES 2015

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[cycloneslider id=”health-devices”] Health technology is continually changing how we live our everyday lives. The number of health monitoring systems that can be downloaded onto tablets and smartphones is increasingly growing, from heart rate monitors to calorie counters to blood pressure monitoring systems.

Health is becoming such a substantial segment in the technology world that CES created the Digital Health Summit at the event to showcase all the developing technology.

Whether your lifestyle varies between a hiking guru or a fashion connoisseur, there might be a health device for you.

Below is a list of new and updated devices that were showcased at CES 2015

ADAM Sensor from Health Care Originals – Asthma Management

AmpStrip – Biometric Sticker

Aterica’s Veta – Smartphone connected case for EpiPens

Baby GIgI from Slow Control – Smart baby bottle detector

Bloom Ring from Prima-Temp

Bragi Dash – Activity Tracking headphones

Cambridge Consultants XelfleX – Motion Tracking Fabric

Consumer Physics SCiO – Spectrometer for nutrition tracking

Connected Pedal from Connected Cycle

easyTek Smart Hearing Aids from Siemens

Emiota’s Belty – Belt with activity tracking and waist size alert

Epic Alert from Epic Safety – Personal emergency monitors and response systems

FLOOME from 2045Tech – Breathalyzer/Alcohol Detection

Garmin’s three new activity trackers – Activity-tracking watches

GoBe from Healbe – Calorie Tracking Bracelet

Gymwatch – Real-time feedback on every type of exercise

Hexoskin Junior – Biometric clothing for kids and teens

InBody Band – Activity-tracking wristband

Independa TV from Independa – TV-based remote health services

iSwimband – Moisture detector for alerting caregivers

Linx IAS from Blackbox Biometrics – Concussion Sensor for athletes

Melomind from myBrain – Biofeedback brainwave detector

Mint from Breathometer – Breath quality detector

Neo from SKE Labs – Weight-tracking kitchen container

Nuyu Sleep System by Health-o-meter – Temperature-adjusting mattress pad.

Pacif-i from BlueMaestro – Temperature-measuring pacifier

Parrot Zik Sport Headphones – Activity-tracking headphones

QardioBase & QardioMD – Connected scale and display software

Quell from NeuroMetrix – Pain treatment using nerve stimulation with smartphone connection

Quitbit – Smartphone connected lighter for smoking cessation

Sensoria Smart Socks – For physical therapy/ Pressure tracking socks

SleepIQ Kids by Sleep Number – Biometric bed

Swarovski Collection from Misfit – High fashion activity tracker

TAO Wellness’s isometric exercise systems – Exercise device

TempTraq from Blue Spark Technologies – Continuous temperature sticker

Various Products from First Alert – In-home devices and an activity-tracking smartwatch

VIBE Band from Lenovo – Activity-tracking smartwatch

VivaLnk eSkin – Thermometer patch/ continuous temperature sticker

Wellograph Smartwatch – Activity Tracker Software Upgrade/Activity-tracking smartwatches

Withings Activite Pop – Activity-Tracking Watches

Zensorium Being – Activity-tracking smartwatch with mood


See full list of devices here:

Health Devices Launched at CES 2015

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