Patients Want to Communicate with Physicians

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TechnologyAdvice’s latest Study: How Patients Want to Communicate with Their Physician raises awareness on how technology is changing the patient/physician relationship. Has your physician introduced patient portals within their practice? If so, are you taking full advantage of the new healthcare technology that could make your life more efficient? If not, don’t be afraid to ask your physician for information regarding patient portals, and how it could make physician visits more efficient.

Technology has transformed the healthcare field, which includes the introduction of patient portals. Patient portals are one of the main emerging technologies in U.S. Healthcare, allowing physicians to interact with their patients outside of visits. Continuing to make an efficient process for patients, physicians also have the ability to distribute test results to patients and implement online appointment scheduling.


Nearly 49.2% of patients are already aware that physicians have patient portals, while 39.9% were not sure if their physicians offered a portal and 11% know that their physician doesn’t offer one.


Patients who are aware of the patient portal break down into six different age groups, those age groups range from 18-65 years+. Younger age demographics prefer to schedule appointments online, while the older demographic prefers to schedule appointments over the phone. However, when it comes to general communication with their physician, the majority (42.9%) of patients would rather be contacted by phone, this includes the younger demographic, as well. Also, 42.7% of patients prefer to receive lab results and diagnoses over the phone, email came in second at 18.7%. Although the chart does not include the reasoning of why patients do not wish to receive test results through patient portals, physicians and staff members must look into the usability of the patient portal interfaces, along with assuring the patient about transferring medical information online. If patients are reassured they can enjoy the features of later consulting or downloading the test results their physician sent to them.

Since we are in a generation of immediate gratification, physicians should also research alternative routes of contacting patients, such as sending lab test results and diagnoses via text message to patients. Physicians must educate their patients about the patient portal, since portals will become increasingly prominent in the patient-physician relationship.


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Study: How Patients Want to Communicate with Their Physician

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