Furby is back!

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Now that the Furby toy is being re-released, we thought we’d dig through our archives and show you some of the work we did for the initial product launch waaay back in 1998.

We were commissioned by the Tiger Electronics (since acquired by Hasbro) company and the Coca-Cola company to develop 32 illustrations for the backs of Hi-C juice boxes to “teach” kids how to speak Furbish, the spoken language of Furby. In all more than 200 million boxes were printed for the campaign—our largest print run.

The dictionary has been updated at Furby.com so you can check out some of the translations.

“We worked on the Furby launch eight months prior to Christmas,” said George Demet of Buster Creative. “It was wild to see the marketing people on the ‘TODAY’ show talking about the sensation.”

ee-wah? You bet!

Check out our illustrations below.

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