Does the letter Y “mean” green to you?

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The Daily Mail recently published an article covering Synesthesia, which is a neurological condition in which two or more of the five senses normally experienced separately are involuntarily joined together.

Now an online test can reveal if you have synesthesia, and to what extent the senses overlap. All cases of synesthesia are different; for example, some people experience color when they hear sounds or read words, whereas others may experience tastes, smells or shapes. There is no specific form of synesthesia; any of the senses can overlap. However, there have been studies where researchers claim to have taught people to become synesthete.

The test is called The Synesthesia Battery. It first asks a series of questions to confirm whether or not you have synesthesia. Once confirmed, it will ask you additional questions to help narrow down what type of synesthesia you may have. A final test, Projector Associator, attempts to determine what form of synesthesia a person might have.

If you are wondering what the scores mean, check out the list below:

< 1.0 – A score below 1.0 is ranked as a synesthetic, and non-synesthetes that use memory or free association typically score in the range of 2.0

0.0 – A perfect score of 0.0 means there is no difference in the colors selected on each successive presentation of the same letter

3.0 – A score of 3.0 or above suggests a higher level of vividness relative to the general population


Please click the link below to take the Synesthesia Battery:

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