Color perception: Is it tricking you?

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The visual system helps determine the color of objects in the world. However, in some situations our perception of color is wrong. For example, the checker shadow illusion is an optical illusion. The image depicts a checkerboard with light and dark squares; the optical illusion shows the square labeled A  appears to be a darker color compared to the square labeled B. The color of squares A and B are actually the same color.


Color perception


Another example being the color cube. Color patches can be dramatically affected by empirical clues about the amount of illumination they are under. In this example, the square located in exactly the middle of the cube, on the side appears to be orange. However, the square located in the middle of the cube, on top, appears to be brown. If you isolate the brown box and the orange box, the two boxes are actually the same color. Our perception of color is tricked into thinking that the colors are different, but in reality they are the same.





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