Corporate YouTube Uses

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Buster Creative’s Top 5 Reasons for a Corporate YouTube Channel!

1. Protect Your Brand. Make it a priority to search your brand, corporate name, and even tagline at Brand “hijackers??? and brand fans are creating YouTube channels using your brand name, corporate name or slogan.

2. Steamline Corporate Site Videos. YouTube is an organized location to maintain and file all corporate video clips with a simple link from your corporate site.

3. Reach a Large Audience at a Low Cost. Visual material that has the possibility of broadcasting to millions. 24/7 International. YouTube channels are FREE!

4. Use for Marketing Promotions. Videos of new product introductions, new services and new promotional campaigns. Opportunity to create a well branded integrated campaign.

5. Google owns the rights to YouTube. Search engine optimization, YouTube will be given a priority in Google’s PageRanking.

Has your corporate YouTube channel created more opportunities? We would love to hear from you.

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