Corporate Twitter Uses

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Buster Creative’s Top 5 Reasons to Corporate Tweet!

1. Protect Your Brand. Make it a priority to search your brand, corporate name, and even tagline at Brand “hijackers” and brand fans are creating Tweeter accounts using your brand name, corporate name or slogan.

2. Connect with Your Customers. Social media is so mainstream, most of your customers are checking their Twitter accounts before they leave for work. Make your customers aware that you get social media and value the human connection.

3. Get Customer Feedback. Encourage interaction through Tweets, and get good advice to help improve your: customer service, product, and future.

4. Use for Direct Marketing. Twitter is a FREE service to get your brand noticed. allows you to develop a branded campaign to a very targeted audience.

5. World’s Fastest News Source. Twitter lets your produce up-to-the-minute news easily, 24/7. And reaches an international audience.

Share your corporate Twitter successes, we would love to hear from you.

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