Marketing Myths Reality Check!

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Ever wondered if Newton was really hit by an apple? Or if Eve did, in fact, eat an apple? Well, we’re not here to solve those puzzles. However, below you will find some myths that have been circulating the marketing industry and we want to put them to rest! 

Myth: “Content creation is inbound marketing.???

Fact: Creating content is just one of the steps to take to inform your audience. What makes content relevant and interesting are the “little details??? like website design, social media, email marketing, blogging, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Myth: “Inbound Marketing is an Internet ‘fad’ that will pass.???

Fact: Inbound marketing is here to stay! Social media marketing, newsletters, and podcasts are the new “cold-calling/paper mail??? strategies.

Myth: “It’s hard to determine the Return On Investment (ROI) of inbound marketing.???

Fact: There are a lot of ways to measure and determine the ROI of inbound marketing. Ever heard of HubSpot, Hatchbuck, Infusionsoft, or Act-On? The list goes on! These platforms can help to easily find content, as well as perform lead tracking, managing of email marketing, finding prospects, and more.

Myth: “Digital marketing is a cost, not a revenue generator.???

Fact: You know what they say… “Once it’s on the Internet, it’s there forever!??? Inbound marketing generates revenue and it has an everlasting shelf life. Whereas outbound marketing can be gone with the wind, just like words!

Myth: “Having a website is good enough.???

Fact: You have a website??? If you do not use every possible outlet to promote a company’s website, then very few people will know about it. Let everyone know! Use social media outlets, blog, email…. Whether you follow the 3+ frequency rule or the seven-times factor, effective frequency is the key to having the public remember your company or, in this case, your website.

Myth: “Writing a few posts on social media is enough to get exposure.???

Fact: To stay relevant and up-to-date on social media, companies should share new content at least once a day. Check out this Social Media Frequency Guide on How Often to Post for more tips!

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