Social Sharing for your Campaigns

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With the increasing popularity of Facebook and Twitter, it seems we can’t go a day without hearing or reading the words “Like” and “Tweet.” Social platforms are proving the to be the best solution for spreading the word on your campaign. Until recently, there hasn’t been an easy and effective way to track your results.

We’re excited to announce that email marketing guru Campaign Monitor recently launched its new Social Sharing feature, which lets you easily share your campaigns through Facebook and Twitter and then receive a detailed report of the results. Campaign Monitor’s new social tags let you include working “Like” and “Tweet” buttons in your email design so that your subscribers can share your your campaign instantly with a simple click of the mouse.

When readers click on the “Like” button in your email, Campaign Monitor instantly loads the “Like this on Facebook” lightbox where they can spread the news of your campaign and see a list of their friends that also like it.

When clicking on the “Tweet” button in your email, readers are instantly taken to their compose window in Twitter, where their tweet is already pre-constructed with your campaign subject and URL.

One of the most exciting parts of Campaign Monitor’s Social Sharing feature is the real-time report you receive during your campaign. In it is a detailed stream listing who shared your campaign, when they shared it, which social platform they used, and what they had to say about it.

View a sample Social Sharing report

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