These are a few of our favorite apps

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Looking for a last minute gift? Give an App this holiday season!

Here a few of Buster Creative’s favorite Apps.

1. Hipstamatic

Alice at Buster Creative is addicted to the vintage camera app Hipstamatic, which gives your photos that psychedelic, retro look made popular plastic toy cameras of the past. Hipstamatic keeps all the funk and whim of shooting old school photos but gives you the ability to switch through many different lenses, film, and flash settings.

Alice’s photos with Hipstamatic:

Alice’s photo without Hipstamatic:

2. iHandy Flashlight Pro

George at Buster Creative loves the iHandy Flashlight app, which uses your phone’s LED to fill your screen with bright white light. It’s the perfect solution for anytime you’re lost without a flashlight. George has yet to take advantage of the app’s strobe and disco light effect, but he’s sure to use it the next time he hits the clubs.

3. Pulse News

Michael at Buster Creative can’t take his eyes off of the Pulse News app, a 2011 Apple Design Awards winner and one of only 50 apps in the Apple App Store Hall of Fame. Pulse News is an impressive, customizable news reader that let you slide, scroll and tap through all your favorite news sources in one simple, easy-to-navigate interface.

4. Shazam

Kristi at Buster Creative can’t get enough of Shazam, the wildly popular app that identifies the name, album, and artist of a song through the microphone on your mobile device. What’s more, the app can now display the lyrics to the song that you’re tagging. Instant gratification and a karaoke machine that fits in your pocket? That’s music to our ears.

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