Want to sell your medical product? Give something away: Education

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Google and Facebook make millions (and billions) of dollars by giving away something for free (for Google, it’s search, for Facebook, it’s social connectivity). Both companies sell advertising to generate revenue.

You can use that same philosophy for medical products marketing: Give something away.

The FDA has decreed that you can’t give away things like pens, vacations, stipends, or honoraria, but you can, however, give away education. That’s something that prospects and customers appreciate and need.

Here’s a brief case study on medical products marketing.

1) Our client had a medical product to sell.
2) Clinicians, especially unexperienced ones, often are not well-versed on the proper conditions for use.
3) So we helped our client develop a paper-based (and electronic, in the form of an interactive PDF) “scorecard” to help clinicians decide when to use the product.
4) To keep it simple, we developed a system utilizing lottery ticket style scratch-offs to reveal a colored dot. After answering all of the assessment questions, the clinician tallies the colored dots that were exposed by rubbing off the opaque ink and refers to an answer key for guidance.

We chose this approach because it was

  1. • Easy for a sales rep to learn
  2. • Easy for the sales rep to teach the clinician
  3. • Easy for the clinician to interpret (results were generally in the form of a go/no-go answer)
  4. • Easy to do at the patient bedside
  5. • Archiveable in the patient file and referenced during reassessment
  6. • Fun to fill out—keeping the clinician engaged


When it comes to giving away education, everyone’s a winner!



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