The seven deadly sins of product launches

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Pharmaceutical Executive recently released an article on the seven deadly sins of product launches within the pharmaceutical market. The pharma world is currently split into two segments, the first being the “haves” and the second being the “have-nots”.


Seven deadly sins

Original image can be found in The Seven Deadly Sins of Product Launches article.


The “haves” have adopted new and different ways to win the market since the market has transitioned from the Commercialization Stage (“Pharma 1.0”) to  the Competitive Stage (“Pharma 2.0”). The “have nots” are not adjusting to the new stage, and are continuing to compete in the same old way. Unfortunately using yesterday’s plan and approaches will not win today’s war.

As more pharmaceutical products compete for pay and prescriber’s attention, the pressure for launch success continues to increase. Below are the key traps to avoid in getting things right — when it really counts:

• Sin 1: Seeking to win the launch year
• Sin 2: Trying to win by differentiating your product
• Sin 3: Using outdated marketing tools and tactics
• Sin 4: Focusing on traditional customers
• Sin 5: Not anticipating competitive counter-launches
• Sin 6: Failure to pressure-test the pre-launch plan
• Sin 7: Failing with “Launch Excellence Programs”


To read the full article, click the link below.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Product Launches


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