The new books. No longer ink on paper but twinkling lights in a data center.

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Apple sold a million iPads in record time. Kindle is Amazon’s number–one selling product. Sony has an ebook reader, so does Barnes & Noble. Ebook readers are being distributed in ever greater numbers — making them an excellent platform to get your message out. Sales support, technical documentation or data-driven applications can all be read on ebook readers.

Unlike PDF files, which have fixed formatting, ebook files are free flowing and well suited to 5″ to 9″ screens. There are many file formats that are used by ebook readers, such as plain text, HTML, EPUB, Mobipocket, Kindle and many others. Creating a document based on some of these formats can be complex and time-consuming.

We can help you repurpose existing documents to be compatible with most ebook readers.

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