Ladies Who Oprah

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Who knew there was a subculture to the “Ladies Who Lunch”? The subculture that celebrates being with friends, sisters and mothers. Another excuse to celebrate ME, I had no idea, until…

Friday Feb. 5, 2010
4:00 am- Hair, makeup and wardrobe
5:45 am- Pick-up Cate and begin our journey to the Oprah Show.
6:30 am- Wait in line and watch in awe, women coming in droves…

Who are these women?
1. They arrive at the Harpo studio in limos with large groups of girlfriends
2. They have Starbucks in hand
3. They dress in very bright colors (better audience positioning)
4. Their hair and makeup is perfectly perfect
5. They enjoy everything about being at the Oprah Show (after all it is one big party)
6. They shop at the The Oprah Store post-show and purchase lots of stuff with “O”s monogrammed on it
7. They go to breakfast and recap the experience (it is only 10:30am)

These women are “Ladies Who Oprah”!

I discover I don’t want the Oprah experience to end either, I am purchasing things with “O”s on it, I am at the restaurant with the ladies in neon colored shirts. I discover it is pretty fun to be a “Lady Who Oprahs!”

Share your fun Oprah Show experiences with us!

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