Your Smartphone Could Be Your New Medical Assistant

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The world of technology is catching up with healthcare and it is here to make some big changes. There are many apps out there that are focused on nutrition, health, and lifestyles. There are others that are focused on helping patients communicate with their physicians and manage their health at the same time. One of these apps platforms is called Jiff. Some of its features include: allowing patients to make appointments, order their medicines, connect with their doctors, and check their lab tests. This application has had over 95,000 downloads. This year, ABI Research believes that the markets for mobile health apps will quadruple to $400 million.


According to Forbes, here are “5 Ways Mobile Apps Will Transform Healthcare???:

1) Improved Access to Care

No more wasted time! Patients will be able to communicate with their physicians through their mobile devices making it easier to avoid unnecessary in-person visits.

2) Improved Patient Engagement

This means better communication! Patients can get all sorts of reminders, updates and notifications. In example, they could be reminded to take their medicine, or notified if their physician is running late.

3) New Provider Business Models

Providers will most likely be involved in managing and arranging inbound data for patients.

4) Reduced Medicare Fraud

There will also be a feature that allows Medicare to correlate claims data with location, and time to watch out for fraud.

5) Improved Patient Safety

No more frustrating Google or WebMD searches! These apps will be able to provide the information needed for a fast recovery and it will even monitor side effects and send them to the patient’s provider.

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