Pharma Companies “Getting It Right” with Twitter

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The regulatory limitations for pharmaceuticals when using social media shouldn’t be an impediment for health teams.

Twitter’s National Health and Wellness department is growing because it has been helping health care companies reach active patient communities without breaking any FDA guidelines.

To successfully connect with patients and communicate the company’s message, there should be a strategy in place. Pharmaceuticals (especially the ones that have to go through long approval processes) should have a calendar that focuses on promoting health care events and disease awareness days. “Humanize the brand???. Every post should resonate with the target audience in order to be engaging and retain followers. Content should be kept simple and authentic. Social media is not to be seen or used as a billboard or a print ad. It should be used as a platform that helps forge relationships and helps build brand recognition.

Some of the components that are being used the most on Twitter include videos and patient testimonials, the use of trending hashtags, and making social media part of the company’s integrated marketing mix.

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