Obamacare medical device tax repeal

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Recently, MarketWatch published an article stating that Rep. Erik Paulsen feels good about moving the repeal of tax on medical devices through the House. Since the repeal cleared a hurdle in the House on June 2, and passed the Ways and Means Committee, it now moves onto the House floor.

The Obamacare 2.3 percent excise tax applies to the sale of medical devices, such as pacemakers and stents. Although the repeal has moved through the House three times in the past, Rep. Paulsen has a positive attitude about the repeal moving all the way to the President’s desk, but there is no certainty that Obama will sign. However, Obama knows many in the Democratic Party support the repeal. The bill has 281 co-sponsors of which 40 are Democrats.

To read the full article, click the link below:

Congressman sees better odds for Obamacare medical device tax repeal

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