Is eLearning equal to traditional training?

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A recent study, carried out by the Imperial College London, evaluated the effectiveness of online learning and offline learning. Online learning requires an Internet connection, while offline learning is delivered through methods such as CD-ROMs and/or USB sticks. In the study, both were found to be effective.

The researcher in the recent study urged more institutions to combine eLearning with traditional courses. Education through electronic media could help prepare more healthcare workers and address possible deficiencies of doctors and nurses throughout the world.


Educational institutions have already incorporated technology into training for the medical field. Students have the ability to read articles and watch video lectures on tablets, smartphones and similar devices; and many medical centers are looking to invest millions of dollars in on-site simulation centers to educate students in an array of skills, which include surgery. Educational hospitals can also provide resources and the environment needed to test out new digital innovations.

Read the full article here:

World Health Organization: ‘eLearning’ equal to traditional training for healthcare workforce

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