How to Design Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

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Buster Creative sample before and after PPT presentation for Motorola Solutions 


Sometimes we put so much time and effort into researching, writing, and getting ready for presentations that we forget it’s not just about the content/message but also about how we present it so that it does not get lost in the abyss.

With well-thought-out PowerPoint presentations, you have the chance to grab your audience’s attention. You just need to find creative ways to make your message more attractive and appealing.

Here are a few guidelines for an effective meeting/presentation: 

– Use the 1-6-6 Rule. Which consists of only one idea per slide, six bullet points (or less), and six words per bullet point.

– Be concise and to the point. Know what the purpose of your presentation is and make sure your message is easy to understand.

– Be sure your design is branded! Always follow the branding guidelines of your company. The colors and artwork used should have a uniform look.

– Practice, practice, practice! Before your presentation, make sure you know all your talking points so that you don’t have to read from the PPT.

– Use videos. This will give you a small break to catch your breath and it’ll help grab your audience’s attention even more.

– More graphics, less text. Big, long paragraphs are a definite no-no. Use more images and if you want to get creative… you can even use a funny animated GIF (but do it strategically!).

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