How agencies get their names

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Ever wonder how ad agencies got their names?
Rob Donaldson and Joe Dennett (AKA Rob & Joe) put together this clever infographic tracing the Taxonomy of Advertising Agency Names. The British creative duo broke down agencies into five main categories: Founders, Alpha Numeric, Inanimate Objects, Places, Living Things, Physical or Metaphysical Attributes, and Abstract Concepts.

Ever wonder how Buster Creative got its name?
Back in 1993, Alice Hlavin founded a small boutique agency called AH Graphics (short for Alice Hlavin Graphics). One of the company’s very first clients owned a Bernese mountain dog named Baily, who often joined in on the marketing meetings. After Alice couldn’t stop talking about how much she loved Baily, the client mentioned that Baily’s sister in California just had litter. Before we knew it, Alice had the puppy flown into Chicago and named him Buster.
Buster quickly became the life of the party. He hung around the office, eagerly greeted clients, and gave us the energy we needed to stay creative . . . Buster Creative!

Buster the dog — a symbol of loyalty and enthusiasm.

Buster Creative logo
Look closely at the Buster Creative logo. Can you find Buster’s face?

Taxonomy of Advertising Agency Names (by Rob & Joe).


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