Healthcare technology and innovation propels forward

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Healthcare technology and innovation is now propelling the healthcare field forward in more than one way. Healthcare is now becoming more tailored to the consumers, making their everyday life more efficient and healthy. Physicians are now able to communicate with consumers and fellow physicians with the use of technology, whether it is through mobile phones, tablets or health apps. The healthcare market is now being tailored to the consumer’s needs, wants and medical status.

Technology and innovation can assist in improving patient care, coordination of care between multiple physicians; promote self-management of chronic disease, and efficient and rapid test results. Physicians who use healthcare technology within their offices or practice have the ability to communicate better with consumers, other physicians working with the same patient, and pharmacies. Healthcare technology will also aid in combining administrative data and clinical data to determine and provide a better care strategy for patients.

Physicians can also provide product information to a consumer’s tablet or mobile phone via health apps.  Product information can be tailored to a specific consumer based upon their financial status, home life, and other social and environmental factors. Consumer demographics can aid physicians in providing the most useful and up-to-date information, based on the consumer’s medical status and needs.

Technology has given consumers more access to health apps, via their mobile devices, which can help them better manage a chronic disease. Consumers are also interested in using devices that are attached to a mobile phone for healthcare evaluations such as, check for ear infection or strep throat, which can then be relayed to a physician via your mobile device.  After the physician reviews the test, a prescription can then be sent to the pharmacy, if a prescription is needed. Consumers generally use their smartphone or mobile device to track their health, but technology has created wearable devices. The wearable device can help patients save money, entertain them and assist them in living a healthier life.


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Healthcare Technology and Innovation

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