Great Design -> Better Return on Investment

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We’re visual communicators. We need to be able to capture our viewer’s attention and make them act with the information we provide. We do this with design. That’s right: Good old-fashioned design. Why? Because it pays.

A recent report by the Design Management Institute demonstrates that ‘Design-Driven’ companies outperformed the S&P by 228% over a 10 year period — an astonishing difference.


buster creative design driven


Why such an enormous disparity in financial performance?

1- Great design will motivate a person to convert by creating desire for your product or service.

2- Great design will help reduce anxiety towards conversion by addressing any fears and concerns a user might have around your product or service.

3- Great design will provide an easy path to conversion by making it clear what the conversion action is and removing any obstacles or distractions that may prevent the user from taking the action.

For example, AirBnB doubled their weekly revenue by replacing low-quality cell phone camera images with high quality, high resolution images. Since 2009, AirBnB has incorporated beautiful images on their site and the growth has been spectacular.


airbnb nights booked


This report has examples of the same phenomenon by Shopify and Apple.

Great design communicates information and emotion faster and with more clarity.

In the split-second, attention-deficit environment in which we compete, great design often decides whether you get a yes or a ‘meh’.



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