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To: Buster Blog Readers
From: Buster Creative Headquarters
Date: 3/25/10
Subject: Buh bye fax
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It’s true. We killed our fax machine. No need to lament the loss, though. Our fax machine has been on the fast track to obsolescence for the last two years and follows the demise of the copy machine (“we don’t copy here, we CREATE”).

The fax machine served us well but the days of trying to read client revisions on the side of the page, dealing with paper jams and slow transmission are over. Besides, most of the faxes we have received lately have been for discount vacations to the Caribbean.

Now we use PDFs, scanners, our in-house digital asset manager and when we need to, the nice people at FedEx.

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P.S. Postage meter machine: Better watch out, you’re next!

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