Does your Facebook photo need a facelift?

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Photo airbrushing is no longer reserved for celebrity magazine covers and major design firms. According to a recent article on the SmartMoney blog Pay Dirt, there are now all sorts of easy and inexpensive apps designed to prettify you profile photos. According to Vicky Oliver, author of The Millionaire’s Handbook, “Everyone is able to use the same marketing techniques that the big ad agencies used for decades to sell products … Only in this case they are selling themselves.???

We tried out a few of the airbrushing applications mentioned in the article including Magic Brush-PhotoThe Airbrush App and, yes, even Pimple Eraser. But the best option we found is Portrait Professional, a face-shaping and photo editing technology that has over 200,000 clients and describes itself as “The World’s Easiest Portrait Enhancement Software.” Will the software make you look like a supermodel? Scroll down to see Buster Creative’s before & after shots and judge for yourself!


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