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In the field of healthcare communications, i-crossing and t-dotting [sic] are taken very seriously. Depending on the organization, a creative piece can go through many departments before final sign-off. For example, a demo kit or a direct mailer may go through marketing communications, product marketing, medical/regulatory, brand management, medical affairs, and legal before being approved.

Review and approval software, also known as Online Media Review and Approval, Brand Management, Document Review and Approval, and Workflow Management are software tools that let multiple parties review and approve documents collaboratively. Documents can be approved sequentially through each department or simultaneously through all departments at once.

This type of software is different from project management or generalized collaboration software in that it is designed to streamline the review of documents by multiple stakeholders.

Without automated tools like these, an agency would generate a PDF file and send it to the first reviewer. That reviewer would send it back with their comments [revision 1], then to the reviewers down the line [revisions 2 through ∞]. This manual process slows the workflow, does not keep track of versioning and adds cost.

Most of the global healthcare companies use an enterprise level product like these:


But there are many other solutions that are less complex and easier to use, like these:

We can help your organization implement a review system to save time and treasury.

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