Case Study: Jay Lovell’s product labeling

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Buster Creative recently worked with renown restauranteurs Jay and Darice Lovell on their upcoming line of soups, stocks and sauces. The Lovells came to Buster Creative to help them develop compelling product labels that will support the launch of their brand.

Project Name: Soups, Stocks and Sauces LLC product launch.

Project Goals: To design and create compelling product labels for the Jay Lovell’s brand.

Product/Service Description: Available soon at speciality food and high-end grocery stores, the Jay Lovell’s products are made the time-honored way in small batches using the same high-quality, mouthwatering ingredients found at Mr. and Mrs. Lovell’s famous restaurant, Lovell’s of Lake Forest.

Tone: Professional, sophisticated, inviting and friendly—just like Mr. and Mrs. Lovell!

Message to Deliver: Jay Lovell’s products are almost impossible to make at home, but they’re easy to buy. They are all handcrafted using fresh and natural ingredients, which make them taste like they were made in a restaurant, not a factory.

Our Approach: What makes a product label stand out from all the rest? This is the question we tackled over and over during this project. After conducting extensive research on the competitions’ product labels, we realized that the design needed to be show-stopping while also being able to accommodate an entire family of labels. We also took into consideration the label color versus the product color and the contrast that need to be created between the two. that the Jay Lovell’s labels  needed to look just as spectacular as his products taste. What better way to show all of the quality, skillfulness and passion that go into the Jay Lovell’s products than to feature a photo of Jay right on the label? As you can see in the final design below, Jay’s photo reinforces his notoriety and adds the perfect amount of warmth and trust to his brand. For decades, Jay Lovell has won over the hearts (and palettes) of all those who dine at his restaurant. Now customers throughout Chicagoland will be able to bring that same Lovell’s experience and restaurant-quality taste into their homes.

Initial concepts for the product labels

Final label design 

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