Can You Sell Medical Devices on Amazon?

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You can buy nearly anything on Amazon, but how about medical devices? Short answer: Probably not.

Amazon does have a special class of sellers authorized to market certain items in their Professional Health Care Program. These are pre-established sellers who can sell some types of devices, but the program is currently closed to new sellers. So you’re probably out of luck unless Amazon changes its policy.

Even though these sellers are authorized to sell medical devices, the types of items that they are able to market are restricted to those currently considered over-the-counter devices. For example, eyeglass frames are OK, but not the prescription lenses for the frames. Generally, anything that requires a prescription is off limits. Amazon states that Class I, Class II, or Class III devices are not allowed. The exception being Class I devices that have been cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter use.

Curiously, though, a quick search on Amazon does show many restricted items being sold. So we’re not sure how Amazon is policing their own rues.

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Here are some additional references:
• Amazon’s directive on medical devices and accessories
• Amazon’s directive on drugs & drug paraphernalia
Here is a link to the medical device landing page at the FDA

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