A quick guide to improving email campaign effectiveness

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More spammers, means more filtering, which means it’s harder than ever to ensure success in delivering email campaigns. Here is a quick checklist to help you get more of your email to your viewer’s eyes.

1. Use an email service provider, not your own email account. (the email service provider will use your own from address, don’t worry!)

2. Do not use webmail addresses as the from address (gmail, hotmail, ymail, etc.)

3. Add email authentication (like SPF, SenderID, or DKIM)

4. Check to see if the domain name that you’re using has been blacklisted. MXToolbox is a great tool for this

5. Don’t use URLs  as text link. For example write,  “click here” as a link instead of “click http://bustercreative.com

6. Don’t use URL shortener services like bit.ly or goo.gl

7. Balance images and copy. Too much image looks like spam, plus most email clients have auto image loading turned off

8. Use a valid reply-to email address

9. Use the same from name in your campaigns. Gmail likes this.

10. Consider using opt-in email addresses

11. Stay connected to your prospect/customer. Don’t wait two years between emails

12. Don’t buy lists and make mass mailings. Unsolicited email = spam = blacklisting

13. If you’re selling on the email, provide an offer. Entice them to buy with pricing and urgency

14. If you’re providing information (like we are, right now), don’t sell hard

15. Use A/B campaigns to test effectiveness

Oh, yeah, two more things:

16. Publish great content that is relevant, interesting, succinct, and well written

17- Design the email to be visually appealing and organized

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